An Interview with Mr. Black

THE STANDARD BEARER, Journal DATELINE: One Year, One Month Ago. TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW WITH ‘MR. BLACK’ In the plush leather-back chair across from me, in this somewhat exclusive club’s most private room, sits one of the most dangerous men in America.  He claims that if people knew who he was, just being seen with him […]

nocturn blood

Memory Hole Excerpt: Nocturn Blood Used As Cosmetic and Performance Enhancers.

Morris here. Before we can really start talking about what’s really going on in the world and what most of us are not being told, we continue our walk down the Memory Hole. This time with an old editorial. Again, it is from Newstime Magazine, who seems to have had genuinely good sources back in […]

Memory Hole Excerpt: The Reveal, a look back. Part 2. Artificial Blood Products

Morris here.   We pick up the second half of the last article in our continuing retrospective.   Continued from Part 1   Mr. Chakalarov did confirm that the one overwhelming need that drives vampires is that they must have blood to survive.  That brings us to the remarkable events that led to Mr. Chakalarov’s […]

Memory Hole Excerpt: The Reveal, a look back. Part 1.

Morris here.   Before we really dig into things, I thought it might be useful to reprint an article from a special edition of NEWSTIME magazine. You’ll recall they were the first ones to really get the scoop on The Reveal and what it might entail. They wrote a nice puff piece for the Nocturns […]

What is Project UMBRA?

In the summer of 1945, as the war in Europe was rapidly approaching an end. the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff implemented a program to recruit key German scientists, many of them members of the Nazi party, in order to gain valuable technologies which could be used in the Pacific theater. This was called […]

Who Am I?

The question you should be asking has nothing to do with who I am. You can call me Morris, but we all know that’s not my real name. Though I have been to Texas, but no, I’m not from there. Unless you’ve been living under a rock this whole time, you know our world […]