Who Am I?

The question you should be asking has nothing to do with who I am.  You can call me Morris, but we all know that’s not my real name. Though I have been to Texas, but no, I’m not from there.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock this whole time, you know our world has changed dramatically since The Reveal. A lot of creepy-crawlies and things that go bump in the night have turned out not to be fairy-tale boogeymen like we once believed. They might be living right next door. You probably sat and had a frogurt at the mall while they sucked down some Hemotopia and you probably didn’t even notice. ‘Course, they’ve always been there, but now you know they’re there. And that’s different huh?


That little tingle you feel in your spine, might not just be your imagination. It might be some primordial prey response trying to tell your monkey brain you’re about to be dinner.


Of course, some of us have known that for years. See, before The Reveal, the Lightbearer Society, and Ferenczy v. United States some of us had to handle these things. And had to do nasty things to give you lot the illusion of safety.


 Except, things are changing fast. Too fast. But we still might have time to do something about it. The bottom line is that I know things you don’t. So you if you want some help pulling the scales off your eyes, you’re going to pay attention to what I have to say.


Yes, Virginia, there are vampires. And worse shit out there too.



What is Project UMBRA?