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Memory Hole Excerpt: Nocturn Blood Used As Cosmetic and Performance Enhancers.

Morris here.

Before we can really start talking about what’s really going on in the world and what most of us are not being told, we continue our walk down the Memory Hole. This time with an old editorial. Again, it is from Newstime Magazine, who seems to have had genuinely good sources back in the day. They’ve clearly been bought off now, considering their contemporary coverage of anything to do with the sangers. You just have to pick up the latest issue to see the puff pieces and softball questions they throw at Lelith Nowak and the rest of the Lightbearers to understand how fully compromised they actually are.  I digress.  Remember this?

NEWSTIME MAGAZINE: Editorial – Dateline: One Year, Six Months Ago.


Whether we’re talking about legal caffeine, shady ephedrine, all the way to illegal anabolic-androgenic steroids, the professional sports industry has always needed to concern itself with performance enhancers.  Now we can add another enhancer to the list, nocturn blood.


Since The Reveal, scientists and doctors have been working around the clock to identify and categorize the many differences between human and nocturn blood.  It started with organizations searching for a controversial potential cure to the vampiric condition.  This quest, which many nocturns found to be extremely offensive, branched throughout the medical and scientific communities through many researchers who were more interested in the nocturn blood’s curative properties rather than finding a cure for the condition.


When the LightBearer Society revealed that vampires suffered from no terminal illnesses and were so long-lived as to be practically immortal, there was such an influx of terminal patients willing to turn, that the nocturn population experienced a swelling boom.  The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency had to start an entirely new Nocturn Division simply to deal with and attempt to control the numbers of the newly turned.  Many of these new converts did not fully comprehend exactly what it was they were getting into, but rationalized that it was better than meeting an early death at the hands of a terminal disease.  Understandably, the governments of the world moved quickly to curtail and control such practices.  Meanwhile, the search for cures derived from nocturn blood continued.


Many believed that the key lay in removing the antigens in nocturn blood that were responsible for infecting a normal human with the vampiric condition.  Most believed that any such process would also remove any traits which gave the blood its fabulous resilience against nearly all pathogens.  What the medical community needed to deliver was a new blood product, derived from nocturn blood, which could pass on its resistance to disease to a subject, without changing the nature of the patient from human to nocturn.  Such a product was entirely possible, in laboratory conditions, but was so difficult and expensive to produce that widespread applications were prohibitive.  The quest went on to produce this panacea cure but more commonly and cheaply to better the whole of human existence.


With such a goal in mind, other industries began to take notice.  The Department of Defense took note because human soldiers, enhanced with nocturn blood, might share other properties with full nNocturns.  These would include, but not be limited to, non-electronic night vision, superior senses of hearing and smell, and dramatic increases in strength and speed.  When whistle-blowers outed the DoD programs to the public, the Defense Department was quick to denounce them and claimed they were merely paper ‘thought-experiments’ which had never proceeded beyond a conceptual phase.  However, evidence that such experiments were taking place (arguably outside of the DoD) became more and more difficult to ignore.


It seems that the break-through, if one can call it that, came through the world of athletics.  Over the last two months numerous world records have been easily shattered.  Isolated from one another, these achievements did not appear suspicious at first.  When viewed from the vantage of hindsight, the pattern becomes obvious.


The miner’s canary to the record-breaking accomplishments of several noted athletes came with the destruction of the previous world record by French athlete Gaston LeRou.  He out-paced the best climbers on the Tour de France by such a wide margin that he brought worldwide suspicion upon himself.  After weeks of tests, authorities cleared him of using any illegal performance enhancers.  Most people now widely believe that LeRou had been doping with a form of treated nocturn blood.


What’s more, the normal tests for doping would not have proven a thing.  One test which omitted from LeRou’s investigation was the use of fluorescent activated cell sorting.  This would have inarguably proven the presence of nocturn blood products in his bloodstream.  As it is now widely known that nocturn blood fluoresces heavily in the presence of UV light and that even treated blood cells can suffer irreparable damage in such conditions.


As the world’s athletic associations struggled to come to terms with a new game-changing and potentially dangerous performance enhancer, other applications scratched at the edges of public consciousness.  This was most notable in the red-carpet appearance of Hollywood movie-star Anna Garner.  The actress, whose public appearances had grown more and more rare with the advent of her middle-age, appeared radiant at the premiere of the recent film, “Angel of Death” looking more like a starlet in her late twenties than the woman most knew to be in her mid-fifties.  Pundits attributed her appearance to a stunning gown, plastic surgery, and liberal use of Botox treatments. Her sudden death in the following weeks hinted at another source of the cosmetics.  Authorities now hold illicit nocturn blood use as the cause.  Sources, which do not wish to be identified, claim that nocturn blood use is widespread in the entertainment industry, despite the associated risks.


The most recent scandal involved Manny Brett, shortstop for the Colorado Rockies.  An able but average player, in the last few months he showed such a marked improvement that he was widely suspected of using performance enhancers.  Mr. Brett vehemently denied any use of illegal performance enhancers and subjected himself to all testing demanded of him.  His claim was simply that he had ‘finally hit his stride’ in the game and ‘found his zone’.  He took several drastic measures against any who spoke against him, famously taking on the Denver Post in a libel case, and forcing the team owners to renegotiate his contract. It came as no surprise last week when Mr. Brett suffered terrible third-degree burns upon taking the field at last week’s game.  Further investigation revealed that Mr. Brett had indeed started doping with treated nocturn blood to increase his performance.  He confessed that when his source had raised his prices Mr. Brett had sought out a cheaper source, and paid for it with his humanity.  The latest batch of nocturn blood he had received had not been properly treated and resulted in Mr. Brett turning into a full nocturn.


Clearly, the illicit use of nocturn blood is on the rise.  The government has two choices.  Either legalize and heavily regulate this new resource or ban it entirely and enact strict laws against its use.  Judging by the current proposals presently debated in the House of Representatives, Congress has chosen the latter course.  All the bills currently in the House contain provisions for the medical use of nocturn blood products, but all of them include requirements to local law enforcement organizations in order to receive federal funds.  Such new requirements include measures ranging from the inclusion of nocturn liaisons amongst human law enforcement officers to creating entirely new sections to deal exclusively with crimes pertaining to or concerning the involvement of nocturns.


In the coming month, the government will open a new front in the war on illicit substances, adding treated nocturn blood products to the list.  Judging by the effectiveness of current efforts to curtail illegal drug use, such efforts will most likely prove less than effective.


Some major cities such as Los Angeles and Miami have already established special sections for dealing exclusively with nocturn related criminal activity.  The cities have granted these sections with broad and special powers, reminiscent of the squads of ‘untouchables’ fame, used to curtail organized crime during the days of Prohibition.  This brings to mind the much-needed overhaul to the already tasked judicial system, whose present state of sentences is wholly inadequate in dealing with individuals of extreme longevity.  It is only a matter of time until a zealous district attorney brings a significant case to trial and forces such practices to the scrutiny of judicial review, as some of these measures must surely be unconstitutional.

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